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Patient stories

Read about real-life stories from people who have been affected by antibiotic resistance and vaccinations.


Patient stories from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – read real-life stories from Lill-Karin, Mohammed and Paolo, who have all been infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria.

View their stories here  .

The Infectious Diseases Society of America has a number of stories from patients affected by antibiotic resistance, including several young adults.

View their stories here  .

Further patient stories can be found on the ECDC Storify webpage  .


Rachel’s story: NHS videos  

This video shows a mother’s decision not to get her child vaccinated for measles. She thought that the disease is rare and everyone else is vaccinated anyway so catching the disease was unlikely. This was a life changing decision.

Know the signs: YouTube  

Public Health Wales, in collaboration with Cardiff University, The Meningitis Trust, Practical Media and Meningitis UK, have produced a DVD called 'Meningitis - Know the Signs' which was distributed free to all secondary schools and further education colleges in Wales.

Julie’s story: read it here  .

Dr Pia Touboul, an e-Bug partner from France, interviews a pregnant young woman called Julie about human papillomavirus (HPV). Read this case study about Julie’s experiences of HPV and her views on the vaccination for this virus.