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e-Bug Young adult


Our animations will help you to understand antibiotics and vaccinations, and can be used for your coursework and revision.


The e-Bug antibiotic animations cover:

  • How antibiotics work
  • The difference between bacteriostatic and bactericidal antibiotics
  • Why antibiotics do not work on viruses
  • How antibiotic resistance arises
  • How antibiotic resistance spreads between bacteria by horizontal and vertical gene transfer

View the animations here.

The Listen to Your Gut animation, created by Devon County Council, is aimed at young parents and highlights how taking antibiotics can affect your normal gut bacteria.

View the animation here.


The e-Bug vaccination animations cover:

  • The innate and acquired immunity
  • B cells and T cells and their role in the immune response
  • How your body responds to infection
  • Vaccinations and the importance of herd immunity

View the animations here.