e-Bug Approved Educator Training

e-Bug have developed free face-to-face Train the Trainer sessions for educators. The free half day training aims to give educators the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach about important health topics using e-Bug resources and to see the e-Bug activities in action.

The training includes a combination of e-Bug junior and senior activity demonstrations as well as activities from Beat the Bugs, a six week community hygiene and self-care course. As an educator you will learn about an introduction to microbes, hand and respiratory hygiene, food hygiene, oral hygiene, antibiotics self-care, tailored to the groups that you teach.

Upon attending the "e-Bug Approved Educator Training" and passing the short multiple choice test you will be an "Approved e-Bug Educator". Your name will appear on the e-Bug website as one of the e-Bug approved educators, valid for one year, and you will be provided with a CPD certificate.

Click here for more information on the "e-Bug Approved Educator Training".

e-Bug training video in Northern Ireland

Video on teacher testimonials

e-Bug training delegates in Glasgow learning about microbes with Microbe Mayhem card game (February 2019)

Online Training Module for Educators

Key stage 2 resources e-Bug have developed free online training for educators on e-Bug and the resources. The aim of the training is to teach educators about e-Bug, provide educators with confidence on how to use the e-Bug resources and discover what e-Bug has to offer.

PSHE LessonsThe training module is approved by the Royal Society of Biology and upon completion of the training and evaluation survey you will be awarded a certificate with 3 CPD points. Click here for more information on the online e-Bug Training Module for Educators.




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