What is eTAN?

The e-Bug European Teacher Advisor Network (eTAN) is a European wide network of e-Bug Ambassadors dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of e-Bug resources. The aim of the network is to enhance communication and collaboration between teachers in different regions of the UK and overseas. This will enable teachers to share experiences of using e-Bug and best practices as well as ideas on future use of materials. Collaborating partners involved include France, Germany, Greece and Italy. The network will be launched at the e-Bug 10 year anniversary in January 2019!

Our Vision:

To raise the profile of e-Bug and increase awareness of the importance of education on hygiene and antimicrobial resistance.

Our Mission:

A European teacher advisor network for innovation, knowledge exchange and transfer in the application and dissemination of e-Bug resources.


Needs Assessment

A needs assessment, partly funded by a DG Sanco Grant (2006 – 2009) identified that there was a lack of resources to educate on antibiotic use and resistance across schools in Europe.


Launch of our Junior and Senior pack

Feedback from the needs assessment and what they would like to see in an educational resource that teaches on microbes, hygiene and infection, the first two e-Bug packs were launched for juniors (7-11 years) and seniors (11-15 years).

Launch of our e-Bug website

e-Bug launched their flash website in 2009 allowing students to learn and revise about microbes, infections and more. The website also allowed teachers to get lesson plans to use in the classroom.


Evaluation of Junior and Senior packs

The junior and senior lesson packs were formally evaluated and improvements made.


1st Feb

Packs rolled out

All schools in England were sent junior and senior teaching packs.


Launch of new e-Bug website

In 2016 the new e-Bug website was created and launched, with the website being created around the modern web languages such as HTML5 and CSS3.

E-bug created a points system for students on the website where kids/students would gain points by reading materials or playing games and could use the points to unlock new characters.



e-Bug in NICE guidance

e-Bug received endorsement from NICE, recommending that all schools in England use e-Bug to teach on hand hygiene and important hygiene topics


Launch of SafeConsume

e-Bug are leading a work package for a European Commission funded project called SafeConsume on the development of new educational resources to teach on food hygiene and food safety.



e-Bug 10 year anniversary

e-Bug will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary in London, in January 2019, to celebrate a decade of e-Bug's achievements across the UK and internationally. The event will showcase current and emerging trends and technologies in the teaching of antimicrobial resistance, microbiology and infection prevention and control.

Your role as an e-Bug Ambassador

As an e-Bug Ambassador for the Teacher Advisor Network you will be interfacing with scientific research and collaborating with members across Europe. This will involve:

  • Promoting e-Bug in your country and region and encouraging the application and dissemination of resources.
  • Using your experience and expertise in your field to review the e-Bug resources and provide suggestions for improvement based on practical application of the resources.
  • Collaborating and connecting with other network members across Europe for knowledge exchange and transfer through digital and social media

In order to fulfil your role as an e-Bug Ambassador you will need to complete three tasks throughout the academic year.

This can include an e-Bug activity, assembly or science show on the various e-Bug topics such as microbes, hygiene, infection prevention control and antibiotics.

Benefits of joining the network

  • Communicate and collaborate with a range of different teachers across Europe about e-Bug resources.
  • Interface with scientific research.
  • Engage in the development of new and effective activities for teaching on microbes, hygiene and antibiotics.
  • Voice your feedback on what you would like to see in future educational resources.
  • Exchange experiences with others and share ideas for implementing resources with different ages and abilities.
  • Build relationships with external agencies.
  • Promote your subject to students to encourage them to continue with studies.

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