The e-Bug Detective Game

In the e-Bug Detective Game, pupils play a "Bug Investigator" who attends the scene of an 'incident' that may involve microbes. Each mission involves a mystery in which the main characters will have incorrect ideas as to the cause. The player finds evidence that contradicts these ideas and through the course of events, uncovers the true cause of the problem, learning about microbes in the process.

Mission 0: Training

The player is introduced to the Senior Game concept and design, and is shown all of the pertinent features needed to complete each puzzle in the missions.

Mission 1: Bad Bacteria at the Barbeque Bash

Actor Hugh Gaego has fallen ill after winning the award for best actor at the movie awards. His security guard Heracles Samson thinks that Hugh was deliberately poisoned by the chef who is the brother of another actor who failed to win any award. The player investigates a kitchen and bathroom for evidence of poor hygiene and is able to identify the cause of infection as well as discover some of the reasons why hygiene is important.

Mission 2: When Bugs go Wild

Across Europe, there are reports of a disease that can't be cured by normal means. Even the most powerful antibiotics are proving ineffective. For some reason, the disease is found more in some areas of Europe than others. The player visits the lab of a leading microbiologist as well as a doctors office in an area suffering from the disease. By discovering a link between inappropriate antibiotic use and cases of the disease, the player achieves an understanding of antibiotic resistance.

Mission 3: Gambling Never Pays

The player is called to investigate a situation where a football team has suddenly became ill and foul play is suspected. Despite initial appearances of coach with motive to cheat, the player discovers that there may be a microbial cause of this problem. The player learns the importance of hygiene around water bottles as well as the implications of not finishing a course of antibiotics as well as the side effects of using someone else's antibiotics.




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