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Micro-organisms: an introduction

Description: In this section students are introduced to the wonderful world of microbes through animations and three different activities. Topic focuses on the useful and harmful microbes, and the types and shapes of these.


Micro-organisms: useful microbes

Description: This section highlights to students that not all microbes are harmful by examining beneficial microbes.


Micro-organisms: harmful microbes

Description: In this section students are introduced to a variety of health issues caused by harmful microbes. Your class will discuss how bad microbes can be harmful and that not all illnesses are caused by microbes.


Spread of infection: hand hygiene

Description: Hand hygiene has been shown to reduce the incidence of absenteeism in schools as good hand hygiene reduces the spread of microbes and infection.


Spread of infection: respiratory hygiene

Description: In this section students observe on a large and fun scale how far germs are carried when they sneeze, and that covering your mouth with a tissue, or your sleeve (not your hand) can prevent the spread of infection.


Spread of infection: food hygiene

Description: This Food Hygiene lesson demonstrates how dangerous microbes can infect humans through raw and undercooked foods.


Spread of infection: farm hygiene

Description: This session will make students aware that farm animals sometimes carry microbes that can be harmful to humans. Some examples of these harmful microbes are E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.


Prevention of infection: the body’s natural defences

Description: This lesson covers the many natural defences our body has against microbial attack. It does not cont....


Prevention of infection: vaccinations

Description: Vaccines are used to help prevent infections from causing us harm. If we hadn't discovered vaccines, over half of your students would not have survived long enough for you to teach them!


Prevention of infection: oral hygiene

Description: In this section students explore how to prevent dental decay (caries). Students will look at the sugar in their own diets and the amount of sugar contained in common drinks. They are introduced to looking after their teeth and mouths to keep them healthy and prevent infection.


Treatment of infection: antibiotic use and medicine

Description: When, Why and How to use antibiotics can be confusing for many people. The treatment of infection section explores the use of antibiotics and medicine in treating various illnesses and diseases.


e-Bug training pilot

resources are available. Primary student site tour This video will take you on a tour of both the Key stage 1 'Science Show' s....





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