e-Bug partner meeting

 London 2016

 A few words about the meeting...

The London 2016 partner meeting aimed to review new resources and focused on improving implementation of e-Bug in partner countries. This included a number of workshop style sessions where the e-Bug team presented the new 15-18 year old vaccination and antibiotic resources, and discussed improvements to existing games and ideas for potential new games.

A number of countries presented posters on the implementation of e-Bug in their country. Partners then had discussions and shared their knowledge on implementation techniques. Cliodna McNulty closed the meeting with a presentation on the future plans for e-Bug, including new website and game updates and a six week course around hygiene for community groups.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and participated in the e-Bug partner meeting 2016 and helped make it such a huge success. It was lovely to meet new and older partners and see the enthusiasm for e-Bug shared by all. We gained invaluable feedback from everyone who attended and we will continue acting on it in the present and future. As always we will keep you updated with all the e-Bug news and we thank you for your continued support. We hope all who attended had an enjoyable trip to the UK.