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The e-Bug science show and corresponding Key Stage 1 resources cover multiple topics including, an introduction to microbes, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, food hygiene and antibiotics. Here you will find the lesson plans, worksheets, posters and activities for each topic.

Use the links in the green box on the left-hand side of this page to navigate through the lesson pack and resources for each section. To download the full pack, click below.

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Visit the student site to see the range of interactive activities and revision guides that have been designed to cover the same learning outcomes as the pack.

The Fun Kids animated series supports learning on microbes, the amazing immune system, useful antibiotics, superbugs, vaccination, and food poisoning.

Our health campaign timeline details national and international health campaigns that run throughout the year. This tool will help you fit these campaigns into your lesson plans.

The e-Bug microbe science show produced by BSAC provides additional demonstrations and resources for many of the activities outlined in the packs.

This educational pack and support material supports most recommendations for schools, educational and residential settings for children and young people in the NICE guideline on antimicrobial stewardship.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence January 2017


DISCLAIMER: e-Bug was developed for use in schools pre-COVID-19 and so some activities may require modification based on your school’s distancing guidelines.

Please use your judgement and tell us how you have modified the activities, or if you would like to discuss some ideas, contact e-Bug@phe.gov.uk

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