Chlamydia Evaluation

Welcome to the Chlamydia lesson evaluation web page. Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection amongst young people and if untreated can have serious consequences such as infertility.

What is this study about?

We have developed a lesson which teaches young people about the risks of chlamydia, a common sexually transmitted infection. As well as being educational, we hope that this lesson will be effective in motivating young people to use condoms to protect against this infection.

What are we being invited to do?

We are recruiting secondary schools across England to take part in a study to see whether the chlamydia lesson improves student knowledge and changes intended behaviour.

What is involved?

The study will take place in a number of stages over a 3 month period with consenting schools being randomly divided into either a control or intervention group. Control schools will be asked to teach their regular lesson on STIs while Intervention schools will be asked to teach their regular lesson on STIs followed by the Chlamydia lesson plan.

Evaluation plan

Evaluation Materials

Introductory materials for schools considering participation

Materials for participating schools

Example questionnaire

Although there are three questionnaires, the questions contained within them are very similar. Here is a copy of first (baseline) questionnaire given to pupils to give you an idea of the content

Chlamydia Lesson Plan Materials


This lesson has been developed in partnership with the Studies in Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) research group at Coventry University

Coventry UniversitySASH


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