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Micro-organisms: harmful microbes

Teaching Time: 50min

Target Group: Key Stage 3

Curriculum Links:

Science: Working Scientifically; Experimental skills and investigations, Analysis and evaluation Biology; Nutrition and digestion

English: Spoken English

PSHE: Core Theme 1 - Health and Wellbeing

Learning Objectives:

All students will:

  • understand that some microbes can make us ill and cause infection.
  • understand that harmful microbes can be spread from person to person

Most students will:

  • understand that different infections cause different symptoms.

Some students will:

  • understand how global travel has influenced the spread of disease.
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Microbial infections are found across the world. “Harmful Microbes” introduces students to the variety of infectious diseases across the globe caused by harmful microbes. Students learn that it is not always easy to identify and treat a disease.

Activities include:

  • Students are required to act as scientists and group a range of diseases under different headings to address the range of problems which may arise.
  • Students research either side of the following conundrum ‘are we too clean or not clean enough?’ and have a classroom debate on the issue.



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