Prevention of infection: oral hygiene

Teaching Time: 50min

Target Group: Key Stage 2

Curriculum Links:

Science: Animals, including humans; Working scientifically

English: Reading and Comprehension

PSHE: Core Theme 1 - Health and Wellbeing; Core theme 3 - Living in the wider world

Mathematics: Measurement

Learning Objectives:

All students will:

  • understand what dental plaque is and how it forms.
  • understand which foods and drinks cause tooth decay.

Most students will:

  • understand the consequences of tooth decay.
  • understand how to brush teeth effectively.
  • understand that limiting sugary foods & drinks can reduce tooth decay.

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In this section students explore how to prevent dental decay (caries). Students will look at the sugar in their own diets and the amount of sugar contained in common drinks. They are introduced to looking after their teeth and mouths to keep them healthy and prevent infection.

Activities include:

  • Health diet diaries that facilitate learning on how “sugar attacks” are affecting students’ teeth.
  • A sugary drinks exercise where students measure and compare the amount of sugar in beverages they commonly consume.
  • A “Brushing diary” exercise that facilitate discussion around a tooth brushing as well as other messages around successful oral hygiene.

The video provides detailed instructions to students on tooth brushing in the home.



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