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The e-Bug Platform Game

The platform game has three main types of play which are used to teach the same core learning outcomes as the pack. There is a quiz show element which helps connect the fantasy world of the game with the real world. There is a food sorting game in which players place food items in the correct place in the kitchen and there is a platform game which sees the player shrunk to the scale of a microbe and learning through interactions with viruses, fungi and bacteria.

All About Microbes

The first few sections of the game are concerned with teaching the player about the different types of microbes (bacteria, fungi, virus) and that they differ in size and shape. The game does this by showing each type alongside the others. The player can see that fungi are larger than bacteria etc. The player has to take photographs of the correct type of microbe.

Useful and Harmful Microbes

The player is shown that some microbes are harmful. When player touches a bad microbe, the player loses some in-game health. The player throws soap at harmful microbes to wash them off the skin. The player does a similar action, throwing 'natural body defenses' at viruses in the blood stream to kill them. Of course, not all microbes are harmful. 'Good' microbes in the game are seen scuffling with bad microbes and the player uses Lucy Lactobacillus to turn milk into yogurt.

The Kitchen Game

The player is given 30 seconds to put away the food shopping in the correct place in the kitchen. For example, in the refrigerator, the milk goes into door and the vegetables go in the bottom drawers. Points are lost when the player sneezes on the food, or the player doesn’t wash his/her hands after touching the raw meat (or after sneezing). The goal of the game is to show where certain types of food should be correctly placed in the kitchen, and to also illustrate how sneezing contributes to poor hand hygiene that can spread harmful microbes.



Finishing the Course

The final section of the game sees the player, once again, shrunken to the size of a microbe and inside the blood stream combating infection. This time, however, there is a serious infection that cannot be killed using the body's own defenses. The player must transport a full course of antibiotic pills to the serious infection. If the player doesn't finish the course of medicine (use ALL the pills), then the super infection returns.