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Kitchen Mayhem

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Purpose of game

This game introduces students to the key principals behind food safety and hygiene. Students must identify what’s going wrong in the kitchen, from cross-contamination to food storage. This game provides a brilliant basis for class discussion.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to click the image and identify where there may be risks to food safety occurring.

What is the aim of the game?

In this spot-the-problem game, students click on areas of the image where they think something is going wrong.

By correctly identifying the food safety mishaps, players earn points and receive information about the issue they have identified.

Where does this link to e-Bug lessons?

This game provides a brilliant basis for class discussion, suitable for Key stage 1 and above, it provides the perfect accompaniment to the following e-Bug lessons:

  • Microbe Mania/Harmful Microbes
  • Horrid Hands/Hand Hygiene
  • Super Sneezes/Respiratory Hygiene
  • How Clean Is Your Kitchen/Food Hygiene
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