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  • e-Bug website annoucement

    We are very excited to launch the brand new e-Bug student website! The Junior and Senior site has been updated to be useable on all platforms including mobiles and tablets. The site has been given a new look, and completed with an exciting reward system where students can gain coins for completing tasks around the e-Bug website; including completing games, reading fact files, and answering quiz questions. Why not hold a lesson with your students and take a tour?

  • e-Bug games annoucement

    Alongside our new website we have updated some of our games. We have updated two old favourites, Body Busters and Doctor Doctor and created a whole new game called Stop the Spread. Body Busters and Doctor Doctor both teach students about the difference between viral and bacterial infections and their treatment with antibiotics. Stop the spread is a race against the clock game where students have to try and stop an infection from spreading by catching sneezes with tissues, check out the games on our Junior and Senior student websites!

  • e-Bug have developed a free training module for educators. The training aims to help educators incorporate e-Bug into their lessons, to show what e-Bug resources are available, how educators can access them and how to use them. Complete the e-Bug training module for educators here, and complete the online survey of the module here to be awarded your certificate. The training module is now approved by the Royal Society of Biology who will now be awarding 3 CPD points for completion! View the training module on their website here
  • World Hepatitis Day

    World Hepatitis Day is an annual campaign held on the 28th July to raise awareness of the different forms of hepatitis; how they are transmitted and how they can be prevented. The theme for this year’s global campaign is ELIMINATION.

    Get your students involved using our sexual transmitted infection lesson plans and information on travel vaccines to discuss how to reduce your risk of hepatitis. Alternatively you can hold a fundraising event at your school and donate the proceeds here.

  • e-Bug are pleased to advise that we now on TWITTER! Please follow us @eBug_UK where we will engage with a wider audience to spread the message of health education, update our followers on new resources, and share information on events that the e-Bug team are at.

    We will also be running some promotions so keep an eye out for these and let your colleagues know about our twitter account! Follow us here.

e-Bug is a free educational resource for classroom and home use and makes learning about micro-organisms, the spread, prevention and treatment of infection fun and accessible for all students.

Throughout these teacher sections you will find

  • detailed lesson plans
  • fun student worksheets
  • extension activities
  • animations
  • Activity demonstrations
  • MS PowerPoint presentations to assist with the more difficult aspects of microbiology.

All activities and plans have been designed to complement the National Curriculum. The student pages complement the teacher resources by providing online games, revision pages and lots more to continue the learning experience at home.

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e-Bug Training Module for Educators

e-Bug have now developed free training on e-Bug and the resources. The training module is now approved by the Royal Society of Biology who will now be awarding 3 CPD points for completion! Click the link for more information on how to take part in the training.

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New Tuberculosis Fact file!

e-Bug have developed a new Tuberculosis fact file with help from the PHE's LTBEx team to celebrate world TB day, held on the 24th March. Download the fact file here for junior students and here for senior students, and use in your lesson today to learn about TB. These will be added to the student website in the near future.

Hand Hygiene Challenge

In 2012 we broke a Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous hand hygiene lesson plan at multiple venues. Well done to all the schools who participated! Read about it here.

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